Acting On Values


  • Leaders develop an awareness of how their behaviors support or undermine corporate values
  • Identify the qualities and characteristics that will shift existing workplace culture
  • Involve staff in the development of support strategies to keep values lived and culture active

We spend most of our life performing at work – a depressing notion unless it is a place where we feel connected, stimulated, capable and valued. Whether reinforcing, reinventing or redefining brand culture, Teresa starts at the top. Taking the leadership team through a series of experiential exercises and facilitated discussions, the group identifies what behaviors will bring brand values to life. Values are rolled out and cascaded throughout the organization in workshops that provide challenging role-play scenarios to put theory into action and values to the test. The process rolls out over 6 – 24 months with 2 – 3 hour group sessions, supported by Big 5 Workplace Profiling and one-on-one coaching as needed.

Sessions can be provided in English and Mandarin.

“I urge you to connect with and get to know Teresa…”


“I had the great pleasure of participating in executive leadership and culture building exercises led by Teresa in a pre-opening environment. Teresa was faced with exceptional group dynamics that would challenge the most seasoned coaches including the lack of a common language, a wide array of cultural differences, generational factors and a foreign company doing business in China for the first time. Teresa was able to bring all participants together to enjoy and learn from activities she energetically and professionally led. Ultimately, we opened with the most successful operation in the 35-year history of the company, to which there is no doubt, Teresa made a huge contribution. I urge you to connect with and get to know Teresa. She has a wealth of experience, wisdom and energy to share with you.”

Kathi Meci, Former Vice President, Casino Operations, Wynn Resort Macau

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