AllStar Teams



  • Truly capitalize on diversity and experience the power of ‘we’
  • Understand how one person’s stumble can be another person’s opportunity to step up and support
  • Understand the impact leadership behaviors have on productivity, employee satisfaction, level of engagement and retention
  • Experience the excitement and exhilaration of truly being ‘in the moment’

We know that great teams are made up of people with different backgrounds and diverse talents but is this a blessing or a curse? In this workshop participants get a dynamic, ‘break out of your comfort zone’ jolt of true ensemble teamwork. By using acting exercises, improv theater games and collective story telling teams build trust, expand conventional thinking and develop skills for communal problem solving. The results are truly transformative! Team members come away from the experience charged up for innovation and looking for opportunities to help each other succeed. The length of the workshop varies depending on what is to be accomplished.

Sessions can be provided in English and Mandarin.

“Teresa’s workshop achieved all of my business objectives…”

“I needed an efficient way to bring together a geographically and culturally diverse team; to work across borders, fill knowledge gaps and to share intelligence and resources. Teresa’s workshop achieved all of my business objectives, and as importantly, helped to forge bonds and increase collaboration. It was also great fun!”

Michael Brunt, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, Circulation, The Economist

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