• Explore your role and what is getting in the way of great performance
  • Understand how ‘status’ is perceived and how it can be controlled
  • Put communication strategies into action through directed role-play with professional actors

Whether at the top of the corporate ladder or entering a first senior executive role, leaders are in the spotlight. Unconscious behavior has a profound effect in terms of where stakeholders, peers, clients and staff place their trust. Teresa works one-on-one with executives in the same way she worked as a director with actors. Her goal is to get executives on all levels performing authentically, ethically and with impact.

During sessions, both face-to-face and online, executives explore their role in the organization, their natural talents, whether current performance is reflecting true potential and how interaction with other key players is affecting success. Exercises that actors use to explore, prepare and refine performance are introduced as tools to prompt self-awareness. Role-play during directed rehearsals with professional actors puts theory into action so that new strategies can be explored in a consequence-free environment. Nine sessions of 1.5 hours are standard for demonstrable change and can be conducted face-to-face or via tele-coaching. Big 5 Workplace Profiles are also available.

“Nine sessions later, I was a new man”

“I came to Teresa with specific areas that I wanted to improve. She listened, came up with simple ideas and new ways to help me to make positive changes. Nine sessions later, I was a new man. The changes I have made as a result of the coaching have brought peace to my daily life and allowed me to confidently express myself in my work: with my colleagues and sales team. In my eyes she is an amazing woman. Thank you Teresa.”

Senior Executive, Multi-national Insurance Company

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