• Learn what Teresa has uncovered about navigating sensitive cross-cultural gaps in the workplace
  • Discover what leaders can learn from theater directors about bringing the best out in teams.
  • Experience how one simple theater game can completely change the way you interact in the workplace

“This has changed me!” is not an unusual exclamation following one of Teresa Norton’s keynotes. Much more than just a speech or a talk, when Teresa addresses an audience they see themselves, their colleagues, their work and their lives as brighter, better and bolder than before she stepped on stage.

Teresa has transformed individual clients and entire organizations and she gets audiences from staid government officials to cynical investment bankers on their feet, exploring for themselves the power of theater as a tool for change and fellowship.Teresa has worked as professional actress, director, producer and published playwright and author. She is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review and has worked as a consultant for international business schools including INSEAD, Duke Corporate Education and the International Institute for Management Development. Teresa’s wealth of experience, onstage charisma and commitment to excellence have audiences realizing the STARMAKER quality within themselves. Topics and takeaways can be customized to conference themes including innovation, leadership, teamwork, change, resilience and diversity.

“She had them on their feet making self discoveries…”

“We invited Teresa to MC our conference to help keep our 600 delegates engaged over 2 days. She had them on their feet making self discoveries, motivating teamwork and welcoming speakers to the stage. Teresa is a pleasure to work with and makes an impact. Thank you Teresa!”

JOANNE OSWIN PARTNER, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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