RockStar Presentations



  • Develop self-confidence and professional polish whether presenting your ideas in meetings or at the podium
  • Learn how to design and deliver persuasive content using strategic storytelling
  • Tap into the tools and techniques that actors employ to bring excitement and authenticity to their performance

This is no ordinary presentation skills workshop. Teresa gets you to think like an actor and playwright: assessing the needs of your audience, finding the story in your presentation and the message in that story so that you can stand and deliver presentations that move an audience to action. In this multi-tiered program Teresa gets accomplished speakers presenting like RockStars, average speakers feeling confident to step up and stand out and she helps those who struggle with nerves to deliver messages with polish, clarity and impact. One full day or two half-day sessions for groups of up to 12 or by appointment for one-to-one coaching.

Sessions can be provided in English and Mandarin.

“Our Clients have REALLY noticed …”


“We have totally changed the content and delivery of our presentations. Our Clients have REALLY noticed it and are REALLY enjoying it. Hundreds of our staff have been trained and have now introduced a completely different culture to our offices. All this is down to Teresa Norton.”
Keith Griffiths, Chairman Global Board, Aedas – Global Award Winning Architects

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