The Power of Story Today



  • Learn to identify the ‘stories’ that will move an audience to action
  • Discover how to structure content so that the message is clear and concise
  • Unlock confidence to create and deliver stories that rock

We are telling ‘stories’ everyday at work, in life, to ourselves and to other people but are we confident that we know how to structure a ‘great’ story and deliver it in a way that gets our message heard? How do we choose the angle of a story that is relevant and will move a specific audience to action?

Sam’s sessions on impactful storytelling provide a platform for teams to explore and share their own stories as a way of identifying both their unique perspective as well as the bounty of common experiences we share. Drawing on the art of script writing, participants are given tools that refine and focus content so that essential messages are clear and concise. Using theater activities that encourage co-creation, teams come away with a fresh creative outlook on collaborative communication and the confidence to step up and get their stories heard!

Full and half day sessions facilitated in Mandarin or English.