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StarMaker’s Solutions For Sustainable Growth

The virtual workplace has challenged the way we built trust, company culture, employee performance and customer relationships.

We need new ways of working so that we can maintain a ‘human touch’ within socially distanced organizations.

The agility to pivot and sustainable growth is key both to business and individual success.

To meet these challenges StarMaker has had proven success with hybrid learning sessions with some of our key clients and now we want to share them with you.

Enroll now to receive an additional free creative problem-solving workshop for up to 20 team members!

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StarMaker’s Hybrid Learning Courses sessions have already been run across Asia with companies such a ANZ, Sony Entertainment, LinkedIn, Wunderman Thompson and many more !

Here’s What You’ll Get

Using the latest facilitation technology and combining it with their patented blend of theater techniques and psychological research, StarMaker delivers highly interactive hybrid learning experiences.


in Leadership

First we’re offering our complimentary 120-minute Creativity in Leadership virtual workshop and exclusive access to the latest technology in online facilitation when you book any of our 120-minute virtual sessions.

Right now, leaders must harness and nurture creativity in a focused and pragmatic way in order to develop a growth mindset in themselves and in those they lead.

During this 120-minute virtual workshop, teams experience exercises designed to ignite the creative thinking required to lead in the face of change and disruption. StarMaker, have partnered with Howspace, an AI-powered digital collaboration tool to bring a whole new dimension to virtual facilitation.

Take away new tools and processes for igniting creativity and a solutions-focused mindset within yourself and your team.

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Creative Solutions
For Sustainable Growth Series


The advent of virtual meetings has underscored the importance of clarity and confidence while truly engaging internal and external clients.

This 120-minute virtual workshop is ideal for managers and client-facing team members who want to cultivate an authentic. impactful communication style in order to better engage and influence. Theater tools for constructing and delivering presentations are combined with techniques for spontaneity and clarity.


The importance of building trust and maintaining productive communication amongst team members, many of whom are working remotely, is crucial to business success.

During this 120-minute online workshop, participants builds skills for cultivating a more productive, collaborative working style with colleagues and clients who have different personalities and communication styles.

The latest research on cognitive diversity is explored through highly engaging group activities that give participants a deeper understanding of themselves and others, encouraging greater inclusivity and more collaborative communication.


While understanding “best practice” for handling difficult conversations is common, a consequence- free environment for practicing those skills is crucial for building the confidence to put theory into action.

This virtual 120-minute session takes actual workplace challenges and offers a unique opportunity to explore new ways of conducting challenging conversations/feedback sessions during simulations with a professional actor.

Feedback is constructively gathered from the actor, other participants and the StarMaker facilitator, encouraging experimentation with new approaches and techniques for managing emotions.

Our Value Proposition

For over 22 years, StarMaker has been equipping organizations with more ‘human centric’ ways of connecting.

We appreciate that L&D budgets are tight in most industries and we want to help you support your teams by giving them the tools they need to thrive.

The more you offer your teams, the more you save!

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  • A FREE Creativity in Leadership Workshop
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StarMaker's Founder has lived in Greater China for over thirty years. Having pioneered theater-based group training and coaching in Asia, she coaches C-Suite to Middle Managers, globally. Teresa helps leaders to communicate with confidence and engage teams of diverse personalities and backgrounds with authenticity and compassion.

In a career that spans four decades, Teresa has worked as a professional theater director and actor, published playwright, radio personality and newspaper columnist. She was a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and held the position of President of Women in Media Hong Kong.

Teresa has contributed to Harvard Business Review and wrote a chapter on her use of improv in coaching in "Applied Improvisation - Leading, Collaborating and Creating Beyond the Theatre", published by Bloomsbury. She is invited to speak at international conferences about her unique approach to leadership development using theater-based approaches. Teresa’s partner at StarMaker is her son, Sam Bobertz. and together they deliver hybrid learning experiences that leverage his background in psychology, her background in theater, 30+ years in Greater China and their cross-generational experience as a mother/son team.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sam moved to the United States to attend the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in both Psychology and Chinese Language. After graduating he moved to Beijing in 2010 and lived there till he moved to Shanghai in 2017.

He and his business partner Teresa Norton launched StarMaker in 2014 and since then he has worked with thousands of professionals around Asia in both English and Mandarin.

Sam’s unique combination of Psychology and Theater-Based Training has drawn increasing attention from both academia and the corporate sector. He has worked in collaboration with the East West Center at the University or Hawaii, provided training for ShangHai JiaoTong University and University of Amherst as well as speaking as a guest panelist alongside other specialists at Hong Kong University.

Certified as a Workplace Big-Five consultant and coach, Sam uses this powerful tool to help his clients develop Confident Communication, Presentation Skills (Storytelling), Emotional and Social Awareness, Facilitation/Coaching Skills, Creative Ability and cultivate a Growth Mindset.

As a third-culture millennial, Sam understands the aspirations of an increasingly significant segment of the workforce in Asia and helps modern professionals enact actionable and lasting change for themselves and those they work with.

What people are saying about Teresa and Sam

The Women's Foundation

Director of Pipeline Initiatives

It was wonderful to have Sam and Teresa join us for a virtual session with our reverse mentoring group.

We tackled the topic of Quality Conversations and while it can be more challenging to engage an audience during a virtual session, Sam and Teresa showed that creativity, innovation and fantastic energy can bring a session to life.

Thank you for an interactive evening that left us with much food for thought.

Lane Crawford

Human Resources - Project Consultant

Lane Crawford selected Sam of Starmaker to be our partner for a big new service training initiative across all stores in HK and China.

We have not been disappointed! Sams passion and enthusiasm has brought the training materials to life and his ability to connect with our staff across all locations has been great.

Working in partnership with the Lane Crawford Team he has actively helped to maintain the momentum created developing a 12 month sustain journey, enabling managers to take the classroom learning back into the workplace. He has been on hand throughout the journey, providing ongoing advice and feedback with regular visits to the stores and follow up sessions. 

Sams style is unique and refreshing, he is a great storyteller and our teams clearly enjoy working with him.

Aedas Limited

Chairman, Global Board

We have totally changed the content and delivery of our presentations. Our Clients have REALLY noticed it and are REALLY enjoying it.

Over 70 of our staff have been trained and have now introduced a completely different culture to our offices. All this is down to Teresa Norton.

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