Sam Bobertz

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Human Resources Director Asia Pacific

We brought StarMaker in to deliver a short, focused session on Mindful Communications for our high potentials as part of a 2-day leadership development retreat. Sam rocked it!!! His gravitas, communication skills and, of course, the content of his message made the session a hit. And Iā€™m not the only one saying it.


Co-founder and Creative Seed

We had the pleasure and opportunity to work closely with the StarMaker team to elevate our communication skills not only among ourselves but with our clients. As a service orientated business, we found these methods extremely valuable and we individually learnt different techniques to excel our presentation skills. Sam did a incredible job by helping us revisit the core foundations of our company (our vision, values, mission), he reinvigorated our energy and passion for what we love doing and what we do best. He ran engaging and interactive workshops that helped us work better a team and through the process we we were able to better understand ourselves and each other. The group activities were perfect to get everyone up on their toes and out of their shell! Each activity was an eye opener.

Lane Crawford

Human Resources - Project Consultant

Lane Crawford selected Sam of Starmaker to be our partner for a big new service training initiative across all stores in HK and China.
We have not been disappointed! Sams passion and enthusiasm has brought the training materials to life and his ability to connect with our staff across all locations has been great. Working in partnership with the Lane Crawford Team he has actively helped to maintain the momentum created developing a 12 month sustain journey, enabling managers to take the classroom learning back into the workplace. He has been on hand throughout the journey, providing ongoing advice and feedback with regular visits to the stores and follow up sessions. Sams style is unique and refreshing, he is a great storyteller and our teams clearly enjoy working with him.

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