About us


StarMaker employs the latest psychological research on personality, and has pioneered theater-based training and coaching in Asia since 1999. We specialize in organizational and individual transformation. Through developing heightened self and social awareness, leaders on all levels optimize their own natural talents, bringing out the star quality in their teams. We work closely with our clients to drive brilliant performance and help to create a workplace where employees feel a sense of purpose.

“We envision a future where organizations recognize that rewarding individuals for cultivating self-awareness, integrity, respect and compassion is vital to success.”

-Sam Bobertz & Teresa Norton


StarMaker's Founder has lived in Greater China for over thirty years. Having pioneered theater-based group training and coaching in Asia, she coaches C-Suite to middle managers, globally. Teresa helps leaders to communicate with confidence and to engage teams of diverse personalities and backgrounds with authenticity and compassion.

In a career that spans four decades, Teresa has worked as a professional theater director and actor, published playwright, radio personality, newspaper columnist, Harvard Business Review blogger and, most recently, as a contributing author to "Applied Improvisation - Leading, Collaborating and Creating Beyond the Theater", published by Bloomsbury.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sam moved to the United States to attend the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in both Psychology and East Asian Studies.

Certified as a Workplace Big-Five consultant, Sam is able to conduct group training and one-to-one assessments using this powerful personality-profiling tool.

As a millennial, Sam understands the aspirations of an increasingly significant segment of the workforce. He has trained thousands of professionals around Asia in both English and Mandarin. Sam is Teresa Norton’s son and Managing Director at StarMaker.