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Project & Strategic Strategic Business Development Manager

I was at a crossroads in my career when I began to work with Sam. Having him coach me using the Workplace Big-Five helped me better understand myself and map out my comfort-zones. We were able to identify what and why certain things came naturally to me as well as where I needed to focus my attention in terms of personal development. Going through this process boosted my confidence and helped me get a clearer picture of how to move forward. I would recommend Sam’s services to anyone who is in a transition in their career or is just looking to optimize their own capabilities.


Managing Director

 of StarMaker

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About Sam

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sam moved to the United States to attend the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in both Psychology and Chinese Language. After graduating he moved to Beijing in 2010 and lived there till he moved to Shanghai in 2017.

He and his business partner Teresa Norton launched StarMaker in 2014 and since then he has worked with thousands of professionals around Asia in both English and Mandarin.

Sam’s unique combination of Psychology and Theater-Based Training has drawn increasing attention from both academia and the corporate sector. He has worked in collaboration with the East West Center at the University or Hawaii, provided training for ShangHai JiaoTong University and University of Amherst as well as speaking as a guest panelist alongside other specialists at Hong Kong University.

Certified as a Workplace Big-Five consultant and coach, Sam uses this powerful tool to help his clients develop Confident Communication, Presentation Skills (Storytelling), Emotional and Social Awareness, Facilitation/Coaching Skills, Creative Ability and cultivate a Growth Mindset.

As a third-culture millennial, Sam understands the aspirations of an increasingly significant segment of the workforce in Asia and helps modern professionals enact actionable and lasting change for themselves and those they work with.

Sam's Impact

The Puxuan Hotel & Spa

General Manager

Sam came highly recommended and after attending his sessions I can see why… He worked with our Executive teams on leadership and cultural transformation, with our Managers on employee engagement, and with our frontline teams on solutions-based thinking and authenticity in service…The teams found the sessions inspiring and practical. His use of role-play using professional actors gave the teams an opportunity to take the tools shared throughout the sessions and put them into action. We also received tailor made follow-up activities… I strongly suggest StarMaker to any company looking to truly engage their people.


Digital Distribution Executive

Sam has facilitated a couple of sessions for our team at Sony Pictures Television. After each one, I'm consistently astounded at my own development in a short space of time. Across broad areas of personal development and growth such as innovation, emotional intelligence, convergent and divergent thinking, cognitive behavior and mindfulness, Sam and the Starmaker team have truly created value for us.

Pacific Collegiate Charter

Education Technology Specialist

I had been in my career for many years when it became very apparent that I needed a change. A close friend recommended that I contact Sam to do the Workplace Big Five assessment. Sam was detailed and meticulous when going through the results with me, stopping often for me to ask questions and explain what each item meant. The results were quite eye-opening and helped me to embrace some parts of my personality that I had previously ignored. Not only was Sam thorough but he was also incredibly kind, friendly, and encouraging throughout the process. I am now in a job that I love that suits my personality perfectly. Rather than finishing my work days exhausted I am now energized and eager to get back to it day after day. For anyone feeling like they need a career change I highly recommend working with Sam. Not only will you learn more about yourself to help you find a different path but you will also get to know a fantastic human being!

Step 1: Professional Optimisation

Self and Social Awareness

Take a deep dive into your unique personality and familiarise yourself with the psychology of what motivates behaviour. Quantify your comfort-zones and discover strategies for how you can enhance your strengths and compensate for  what doesn’t come as naturally to you.

Begin your journey of self-discover with the Workplace Big-Five Personality assessment. Over the past 60 years university researchers around the world have developed this comprehensive 

psychometric tool in order to accurately measure personality. Beyond providing insight into your own ‘nature’, it also increases your awareness of how to better influence and engage others.

During the complimentary follow up coaching session we will outline some simple strategies for professional optimization and explore how your personality has impacted your career and preferences for specific competencies. 

Pricing Plan

Professional Optimisation

Workplace Big-Five Personality Assessment

Standard Price: US$1,100

  • Workplace Big-Five Online Assessment x1
  • 1.5-Hour Debrief with Sam (Certified Workplace Big-Five Assessor) x1
  • 1-Hour Communication Coaching (Complimentary, valued at US$645)

Step 2: Which Growth Path is Right for You?

Consideration of your leadership goals and how quickly you would like to attain them will help in deciding which program is the right fit for you.

The Professional Growth Coaching program 

This program offers once-monthly coaching sessions, followed by a monthly action plan emails to review discussion points and provide actionable strategies/tools. We will also have a once-monthly alignment call to provide support and guidance as needed.  It is a comprehensive coaching program designed to give you a steady and structured path towards professional growth.

The Accelerated Growth coaching program 

This is for professionals who have a clear short-term goal they would like to achieve and want to focus in on developing new skills as quickly as possible. Coaching sessions are held twice monthly in addition to two monthly action plan emails and twice monthly alignment calls

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